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GCH hard asset portfolip development. Tangible assets that you control.

Growing Your Portfolio

Growth can be defined in multiple ways when it comes to investing. In simple ways, any increase in account value can be considered growth. But in our line of work, growth is usually defined more specifically as capital appreciation, where the price or value of the investment increases over time. Whereas the portfolio management is said to be the art and science of making decisions regarding investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, assets allocations for individuals and institutions while balancing risk factors. Therefore, we at Gem Crest Holdings believe in taking a well balanced approach towards maintaining our portfolio while also making it grow.

We further understand that growth can occur over both the short and long term, but significant growth in the short term usually carries a larger degree of risk. We have specialists at GCH who can undermine these risk factors while understanding the various strengths, weakness, growth versus safety, domestic versus international, opportunities and threats etc in order to maximize returns within a calculated risk undertaken. At GCH, we even ensure that our clients can retain their mixed assets which can highlight their risk-return profile.

The GCH Commitment


With our continued guidance program from our specialists we make sure that sure that our clients can have access to the latest reports on their assets.


All the diamonds and precious gemstones we offer are either graded by GIA or other prominent independent certified organizations.


We classify ourselves as an exceptional service provider with a high standard guidance through every steps of the process and therefore exercise a 15 day money back guarantee.

Why Precious Gemstones?

While gemstone investments are great, it may not be for everyone. But those who are found of gemstones, diamonds etc sees it as a very attractive investment for they understand the value it holds. Precious gemstones are a rarest commodity to have for in the ever fluctuating market shares, dollar prices and the real estate values, precious gemstones are the only ones which are most liable to hold both their charm and value and even get costlier in time. And since it can stand against inflation and economic uncertainty, many financial advisors recommend that the investors invest 10-20% of their investment on precious gemstones. Even the last two decades and the ever reducing supply with increase demand reveals that precious gemstones are the most safest investments one can make.