About us

We are a commodity brokerage firm and we have pledged upon becoming a leading provider of the world’s rarest and precious gemstones in the global market. We also have the 17 years of experience in the various financial and commodities sector. Also, we have spent 8 years with GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certification and 9 years in the Colored Diamond Marketplace. GIA is also the world’s foremost authority on colored diamonds. There is even another 17 proud years of experience with Portfolio Management.

Our specialists at Gem Crest Holdings (GCH) understands the lack of supply and rising demands of the diamond, ruby, sapphire and other precious gemstones and thereby have been working tirelessly and deligently with our many clients, which we have earned over years, to diversify their financial portfolios through the acquisition of precious gemstones. Our Specialists are also our most expensive commodity with all those years of experience under their belt.

When it comes to approach, our very first aim is to first educate our clients with the history and knowledge of their portfolio acquisition within the marketplace. We further understand that gemstones will remain highly in demand even in the coming decades and as a tangible asset, any precious gemstones in acquisition always becomes an integral addition to a successful financial portfolio. Therefore, we always keep our clients informed on their holdings while reporting any new developments in the world of precious gemstones as part of the continuing client education process.
We have been very much proud that through GCH's guidance, expertise and long standing trade relationship, our clients have been receiving the highest quality product at an aggressive market pricing. We are in much happy space to have a long list of customers who always seems to back us in our endeavor and even refer us to their colleagues, family and friends. We also always have a third party certification for all acquisitions which guarantees the soundness of all our client purchases. We even understand that the prices of gemstones will keep increasing year after year and yet we also keep a focus on helping our clients buy their preferred gemstones at the best possible price in the market. It’s expected that the middle class will the ones to keep the gemstone market soaring in days to come. GCH is further dedicated to even sharing the world of precious gemstones with both our precious existing and new clients.