Terms and Conditions

These are rules by which one must agree to abide in order to use a service.

  • The buyer agrees not to share record or otherwise transmit the contents of reports, consultations and other correspondence, included but not limited to email, physical letters and telephonic conversations without prior consent from GCH. GCH undertake not to disclose any information related to the sales of products and services, except where required for accounting and legal reasons.
  • International duties and VAT/GST charges (as applicable in the destination country) shall be added and would be payable as per the country’s customs laws and regulations.
  • Card charges/Payment Gateway charges that you pay to the merchant/bank to process your order. Once the order is place and processed by the payment gateways, the processing charges are automatically charged to us (seller) for the processing of the order. Then all gems will be shipped within a reasonable time by the safest possible means.
  • The buyer acknowledges that gemstones provided by GCH are making the purchases of products and services from the site on his/her own accord and responsibility.
  • All un-mounted gemstones from GCH are delivered with a grading certificate from an independent gemologist or laboratory conforming to generally accepted standards of the International gem trade.
  • A 15-day unconditional money back guarantee covers all purchases, with the exception of custom jewellery manufacturing.
  • In case of any cancellation or refund the payment gateway charges are non-refundable. All trades are final.
  • There are no representations, warranties, collateral agreements or conditions affecting the merchandise, that sets out on the confirmation of purchase.
  • All gemstones except diamonds are probably been subjected to a stable and possibly undetectable color enhancement process.
  • All merchandise is sold to purchaser either as jewellery or as an item valued and sought by collectors.
  • Upon the buyer’s request, GCH will attempt to provide on a best effort, no specified time based, assistance in offering for sale the buyers gems to whatever outlets may be available.
  • We recommend gems as a long-term hold, for a minimum of five years. Customer’s complete satisfaction is important to us.

Every time you approach GCH, you must make sure that you check and agree to all terms written and described on it.