Why Diamonds are Catching The Eye of Investors

CNBC – A gem of an investment

July 7, 2015 (CNBC) –“Shark Tank” Investor Kevin O’Leary tries a new asset class in his portfolio, diamonds.

THE STREET- Rare Pink Diamonds Could Fetch Millions in Exclusive Sale

CNBC – Rio Tinto’s most valuable diamond tender

June 15, 2015 (CNBC) –Alan Davies, CEO of Rio Tinto Diamonds and Minerals, says the gems in this year’s tender include some of the most vivid pink and red diamonds ever dug out of the Argyle mine.

CNBC – Rio Tinto finds $100 Million in diamonds

Sep 5, 2014 -Fifty four rare red and pink diamonds from Rio Tinto’s Australian mines hit the market today, with CNBC’s Sue Herera.

PressTV – Some of the world’s rarest Colored diamonds are up for grabs in an annual bid

Sep 8, 2013 – These 64 exceptionally rare pink, blue and red diamonds have been put up on display at a five-star hotel in Hong Kong– each of them encased in an individual box. The precious stones – barely a centimeter wide, each cost over 1 million dollars per carat. The gems belong to Australian mining company called Rio Tinto. Around 100 retailers, jewelry makers, investors and collectors were invited to view the diamonds.

CNBC – Natural Colored Diamonds – Investors New Best Friend

April 2012 – Natural fancy Colored diamonds were formed billions of years ago and only recently have come to the earth’s surface for the world to see. In fact, not so long ago, they were discarded as geological oddities. Today, natural fancy Colored diamonds are considered the most concentrated form of wealth on the planet.

Lang & O’Leary Exchange Business Colored Diamonds Investing

CNBC – Sotheby’s Auctions $17.8 Million Diamond

Oct 8, 2014 – Hong Kong protests didn’t stop Sotheby’s auctions there. CNBC’s Robert Frank reports the big seller was an 8.4 carat purple pink diamond that went for $17.8 million.

Investing News- Investing in Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds with Rare Investment’s Colin Ferguson

Jun 13, 2013 – Diamonds, particularly fancy Colored diamonds – are gaining in interest as investment vehicles. To get more information on Colored diamonds as an investment, INN editor Vivien Diniz spoke with Colin Ferguson, founder of Rare Investment.

Fox Business – Diamonds a Bright Spot in Investments